Frequently asked questions


  • What is LearningSpaces exactly?

    We made LearningSpaces to help teams share knowledge in the easiest way possible. Installing the network printer? New sales strategies? A course for new employees? We believe knowledge is our most valuable commodity, so we should make sharing what we know fast, easy and accessible.

  • What makes LearningSpaces so easy to use?

    With LearningSpaces, sharing your knowledge is easy. We promise you'll be set up within minutes. Just invite your team and start creating your first Spaces. Write using Markdown, the fastest way to format content on the web. With our split-screen editor you type Markdown on the left and see the preview on the right. Upload or embed images, videos (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), and share documents (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) by pasting the link or dragging them into your content. Work in draft mode as you write and publish when you’re finished.

  • How do I embed video and images in LearningSpaces?

    Embedding and sharing video, images or audio is easy. Just drag and drop files into the editor. We'll take care of the rest. Or you can simply paste a link to an existing image or video. Try pasting a Youtube link and see what happens :)

  • How do I embed content from Dropbox or Google Drive?

    You can type or paste share links from Dropbox or Google Drive, and LearningSpaces will automatically embed its content. Tip: if you don't share a file on Dropbox or Drive with your team, they also won't be able to access it on LearningSpaces. Read more about linking to files in your Dropbox. And here you'll find more info about linking to files on Google Drive.

  • How do people find the content they need?

    We've thought about that a lot. So first off, you can create Paths to organize your Spaces in topics. You can even decide which Paths to feature on the front page. Second of all, our search is there to help. Finally, if you think some Spaces are outdated, you'll be able to archive or delete them. And we almost forgot, our notification feed and emails will help you keep track of what's happening.

  • Does LearningSpaces work on my phone or tablet?

    LearningSpaces is designed to work flawlessly on every device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or a phone. You and your team can access LearningSpaces everywhere, no matter where and when you are online.

  • Who can access my content?

    With LearningSpaces it's up to you who can access your content. Only people who register and log in have access, and you are in control of who is allowed to.

    This means you could keep registrations open for everyone, which basically makes it a public community.

    Or grant people access based on email rules. For example only allow users with an email address ending with to register or log in.

    It’s also possible to completely restrict access, and only grant access to people by sending them an invite from LearningSpaces.

  • But what if I do want to share content with the outside world?

    The owner of a Space can choose to generate a unique link that allows people to access that Space without logging in. Sortof like Dropbox and Google Drive handle things. People that access these shared Spaces have read-only access. They won't be able to comment or submit assignments.

  • Can I collaborate on content with my team?

    Absolutely! Since LearningSpaces is designed to help you and your team share knowledge, collaborating with your teammates is the key. Whether you are working together on new content or auditing what was shared with you. Discuss and comment on what others have to say or test your team by creating quizes or assignments. You will be rewarded for your efforts by receiving Reputation. Not only does this make you awesome, it helps your teammates identify you as the one with the experience and knowledge. Interaction and collaboration are at the centre of LearningSpaces, and the ultimate goal is to share knowledge from everyone with everyone.

  • Can I integrate LearningSpaces with other software?

    To help you get data from LearningSpaces, we have integrated the xAPI or Tin Can API. This way it’s possible to use results from LearningSpaces in your HRD software, or even your business intelligence software. If you want LearningSpaces integrated into your current Learning Management Software, HRD software or BI software, feel free to contact us. We can always help you get connected.

Getting Started

  • Is LearningSpaces right for me and my team?

    LearningSpaces is right for everyone. We love small teams and start-ups. LearningSpaces works perfectly for larger teams as well. Whether it’s getting your new hires or trainees up to speed or starting a corporate academy, LearningSpaces fits any team. We offer a free 14-day trial to get you going, so you have some time to get to know LearningSpaces. For all available plans click here.

  • Do I need to install something to get started?

    No, LearningSpaces runs in any (modern) browser. If you get an error saying your browser isn't supported, please read this.

  • How do I create a new Team?

    You can create a new team by signing up to LearningSpaces. You will be guided through a few steps to setup your team and invite other team members. Don’t worry, you can always change these settings later.

  • How do I join a Team?

    To join a team you’ll have to get invited. Or if you know your team’s domain you can sign up at

  • Where can I log in?

    You can log in here. You will need your team’s domain which looks something like Your login details can also be found in the registration email we’ve sent you. Please note that you need to confirm your account before you can log in (sent to you by email).

  • Where do I change my team’s settings?

    As a team owner you can change you team’s settings and preferences by clicking the Settings in the sidebar, and then click Team in the menu.

Security & Privacy

  • What about privacy & security?

    Your data are safe with us. We will never share your data with anyone. LearningSpaces uses the latest security protocols. Sometimes we even let hackers try to break into LearningSpaces to see whether we are vulnerable to data leaks. You have full control over who can access your community by using the invite-only option or by whitelisting only certain email addresses. We also monitor for conspicuous activity to intercept attempts at stealing data.

  • Who owns the data?

    You and your team always remain the owner of all data entered in your LearningSpace. And if you decide to stop using LearningSpaces (although why would you?), your data will be deleted after one year.

  • How do I include or exclude users from my team?

    As a team owner you can define which users can join your team by allowing email domains. For example when you whitelist everyone with an email address ending with that domain can sign up or log in. LearningSpaces also has an invite option, so it’s up to you who choose to invite. And of course you are able to deactivate users, so they can't access your community anymore.

Pricing & Billing

  • What plan is right for me and my team?

    LearningSpaces fits any team. First of all, we offer you a 14-day Free Trial to get you and your team going. For small and larger teams we have the Value plan. And for really large teams (academies, large companies, large learning communities) we have the Enterprise plan. For all available plans check our Plans page.

  • What are the payment methods?

    We accept payments from almost any kind of credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). We also accept payments by invoice if you have a large team. Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  • Do I only pay for active users?

    The pricing is based on the number of active users registered to your LearningSpace. As a team owner, you decide who can register. If someone no longer needs to access your LearningSpace, you can deactivate their account. This way, you have full control over the number of active users.

Help & Support

  • I have a question, where can I ask it?

    If you can’t find an answer to your question in this FAQ, we are here to answer your question personally. By clicking the chat icon in the bottom-right corner you can ask your question directly to the LearningSpaces team. We'll respond as soon as possible (average response time of about one minute).

  • I get an error saying JavaScript is turned off. What should I do?

    LearningSpaces requires JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser. If you get this error JavaScript is most likely disabled. To enable JavaScript in your web browser please follow these instructions. After you enable JavaScript you'll need to refresh the page for the changes to take effect. If this doesn't solve the problem please contact your system administrator.

    Your web browser currently has JavaScript .

  • I get an error saying my browser isn't supported. What should I do?

    This error means your browser is outdated and therefore incompatible with LearningSpaces. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version or try a different brower. We support the latest versions of all major browsers, for example Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (9+). If this doesn't solve the problem please contact your system administrator.